Wednesday, June 4, 2008

58 pounds!!!!! and an upgrade to First Class

I'M FINALLY IN MILANO!...and no the title has nothing to do with my weight haha. Instead, it has to do with an interesting story as I was departing for Milano.

So as I was checking into the McAllen International Airport and one of the Continental employees placed my luggage onto the scale to be weighed. It read 53 lbs. I assumed he would be nice and let the three pounds that were over the 50 pound limit slide, but that wasn't the case. He told me that I had to pay an extra $50. I said ok at first, but then thought I could just take out those three pounds and place those items on my carry on. So I asked the lady who was charging me if I could do so. She decided to weigh my luggage again and this time it read 58 lbs..."How the heck did that happen?????? " was what crossed my mind as I looked at the scale. Well she said it would not be possible to remove items from my bag, because it was far more than the three pounds I had originally stated. So I paid the $50 dollars.

So I said goodbye to my parents and loaded the plain. I was sitting next to this other guy about my age. Well about five minutes after I had settled down. Thad same lady at the check in desk gets on the plane and begins to walk towards me. She says hello but requests to speak to the guy next to me. Yes, as you were probably mislead by the title, the guy next to me was upgraded to first class, not me! haha. But the great thing about it is that the other seat was empty so I basically had three seats to myself :) my plane took off and I landed in Houston.